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Morning Prayer

Morning Prayer

Early in the morning the policeman wakes up & prays: "Oh, dear God! Give us a couple of crimes today, not very serious, just enough for me to keep my job. If I lose my job - how will I be able to feed my wife & children? Let these crimes be not very serious so that my life be safe. Just petty larceny or insignificant robbery, so that I could show my abilities. To let all the people see that they need me & my job. That Iвm really worth my salt."

A doctor prays as he wakes up:"Oh, God! Let me earn some money today ж for me & my family. Give me a couple of sick and crippled people. Let their deceases be not very serious. Just to reveal my skills and prove that my work is very important for mankind... If all people are healthy - how would I earn my living?"

A grave master starts his morning praying: "Oh, God! My job is coffin-making. My wife makes funeral wreaths. If nobody dies today - we'll not have a piece of bread for us & our children. Please take a couple of souls today and let us have the bodies to bury. Let our services be always in demand."

A journalist wakes up & prays: "Oh, Lord! The circulation of our newspaper falls. Thus my salary drops down right after. My brother works on TV and he also needs some stuff to show people. Dear God let a couple of accidents and hard-core events happen today. Or I will have no news to show and my brother will have nothing to broadcast. God! You see, it is reasonable ж people like watching accidents, someone elseвs grief & deaths. Give us some victims today, so that people have something to watch and feel covert happiness that this happened not to them. Then people will have subjects to discuss, while I and my brother will have money to feed our families..."

I wake up in the morning and ask: "Dear God! How can we create better world here on Earth, while so many of us are praying about quite opposite things?"




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